As a physician, you should be justifiably proud of yourself. After years of debt, apprenticeship...
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As a professional, you should be justifiably proud of yourself. After years of debt, apprenticeship....
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Corporate Executive

With increasingly competitive benefits, complex compensation packages, and nearly unlimited wealth..
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Business Owner

You didn’t strike out on your own without a heavy dose of planning and foresight. You know that...
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Corporate Treasury

Corporate treasurers have many responsibilities each day and often do not have time to explore alternatives...
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Endowment Fund

Endowments utilize a mix of multiple investment categories in order to diversify the portfolio...
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Banking Institution

Banks have the ability to purchase investment grade life insurance portfolios under the current federal...
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Pension Fund

In 1979, just 7% of the private-sector workforce had a defined contribution plan while 28% had a traditional...
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Our Promises

We will help you create wealth with high, but safe, fixed returns.

We will bring to you the specialized knowledge that is always in the best interest of our clients.

We will help you reduce your taxes with smart, IRS-approved strategies.

We will always deliver superior service and state-of-the-art technology.

We will provide you with comparative, unbiased solutions.

We will earn your business every day and never become complacent.

Why BeamaLife?

BeamaLife helps high-net-worth individuals such as physicians, dentists, successful business owners, professionals & corporate executives and corporations to create substantial additional wealth through intelligent “outside of the box” financial planning. BeamaLife will also help to reduce their taxes with “little known” IRS-approved strategies. Our GALIP-based investment strategy helps you enhance your return and reduce your risk.

Numbers speak for themselves

Interesting Statistics about Income Tax, Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI).


% of total income tax is paid by top 1%, earning more than $350,000.


% of total income taxes is paid by top 5%, earning more than $155,000.


% of U.S. banks held some type of BOLI assets, according to a 2015 review of FDIC data.


% of the Fortune 1000 companies have COLI plans in place, according to an industry survey


Compliments from our clients are our biggest accomplishment.

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