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We help reduce substantial income tax, create higher, guaranteed retirement income, wealth & legacy.

Why Us?

In our 18-plus years in business, we have helped more than 4,000 doctors, 600 independent pharmacists, and over 3,000 successful business owners, professionals, and executives - from across the country - save hundreds of thousands of dollars through IRS-approved tax reduction strategies. We tap into little-used, but highly effective, methods that supplement and complement what a traditional CPA or Financial Adviser can do.


Investment, insurance, banking, taxation, and wealth creation is much harder to do well than most people think. We don’t have a magic wand, but we know thing or two that works. Don't take our word for it - see what our clients have to say!


Our founder, Neil Jesani, CFP, is the author of the acclaimed financial planning book "Win the War for Money and Success," and has been featured in many main-stream media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Treasury & Risk, and Fox business.


Contact us now to start reducing your income taxes, improving your investments, and creating more wealth to leave your loved ones.


Learn the same tax reduction strategies used by the most successful physicians to create substantial personal wealth and income.


Our specialties include advanced tax reduction strategies for high income dentists, oral surgeons, and those with multiple practices.

Pharmacy Owner

We offer a range of expertise in tax reduction, financial planning, and wealth creation strategies to help today’s pharmacist navigate the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Business Owner

Financial planning for business owners is very complex and requires specialized skills, education, and experience. Let us be your personal CFO!

Our Promises

We will help you create wealth with high, but safe, returns.

We will share specialized knowledge that is always in your best interests.

We will help you reduce taxes with smart, IRS-approved strategies.

We will always deliver superior service using state-of-the-art technology.

We will provide you with comparative, unbiased solutions.

We will earn your business every day and never become complacent.

Corporate Treasury

Corporate treasurers have many responsibilities each day and often do not have time to explore alternatives...

Endowment Fund

Endowments utilize a mix of multiple investment categories in order to diversify the portfolio...

Banking Institution

Banks have the ability to purchase investment grade life insurance portfolios under the current federal...

Pension Fund

In 1979, just 7% of the private-sector workforce had a defined contribution plan while 28% had a traditional...


Compliments from our clients are our biggest accomplishment.

Dr. Shamji, California

"Neil has been an extremely professional who has been an outstanding financial advisor. He has looked to serve my needs to the best of his abilities; he is sincere to his words and has been a creative force in providing an amazing service. His greatest qualities that set him apart, is that he comes with the highest of integrity, extremely sincere and honest. I would recommend him with absolutely no reservation to my family and friends."

Dr. Ames, Washington

"When my friend first referred BeamaLife, I was not very sure that you will be able to help but I must say that you have done superb job of almost doubling my life insurance amount without any additional premium and help me take much higher income tax deduction. I admire your expertise in wealth creation and tax planning areas."

Dr. Martin, New Jersey

"BeamaLife was referred to me by my CPA for my pension plan funding. I was also wanted to take care of my estate tax need. Neil and his team have done a superb job of creatively funding my pension plan, acquiring most cost-effective life insurance for our estate planning need at per-tax dollar and helping us to get all our estate planning documents prepared."

Dr. Wasserman, New York

"I want to say thank you for your help in setting up pension plan and help us take substantial more income tax deduction. We appreciate your pension plan funding ideas as well – thanks again."

Dr. Patel, New Jersey

"We are impressed by your financial and estate planning expertise. Thanks for making our assets more secure and our life easy. Thanks for continued superb service and good luck."

Dr. Fisher, Tennessee

"Thank you for your help in reducing our defined benefit plan administration costs and increasing our funding level. We’ll be glad to introduce your firm to fellow physicians."

Dr. Noticewala, Pennsylvania

"When I was looking for a financial planning and risk management strategies I met with several advisors, but when I spoke with a Specialist at BeamaLife, she explained to me so much more than just life insurance. She explained to me the estate planning aspect of it and how that can be used as retirement planning and college education savings. Thank you BeamaLife, it was a pleasure doing business with you."

Dr. Chen, New Jersey

“My CPA referred me to BeamaLife for additional tax deduction strategy. They not only helped me reduce my income tax substantially but also helped me to secure my retirement income. They are very innovative and creative. Smart folks.”

Dr. Sharma, New Jersey

“BeamaLife has done a superb job in designing our asset allocation plan for defined benefit plan and personal investments portfolio. We were amazed to see the way BeamaLife worked with our CPA for an additional tax deduction even though we have one of the best tax accountant money can hire."

Mr. Bakare – A Very Successful Pharmacy Owner, New York

“I am very grateful to BeamaLife for the sound advice they have provided over the years. Higher tax deductions as well as the right asset allocation for our investments were just two examples of how I have benefitted from dealing with BeamaLife. They also put an effective estate planning strategy in place. Thank you for your help!”

Mr. Goldberg – Noteworthy Business Owner, New Jersey

“We have been dealing with BeamaLife for more than ten years now. They have been great advisors to us in terms of advanced risk management. They also helped to put in place pension plan strategies for our partners. BeamaLife has always been extremely professional and very attentive to our needs. Our sincere thanks!”

Mr. Peters – Software Company Owner, California

“I have the utmost trust and respect for BeamaLife’s expert staff. Regardless of the topic or question, BeamaLife has unique individuals with the right background to address my concerns. As a result, I have a much clearer understanding of how certain wealth creation strategies were the right fit for my company. I also have been able to take much higher income tax deductions for the corporation by implementing a plan set forth by BeamaLife. They have maintained an unmatched level of professionalism during my interactions with them over the years.”

Mr. Sakaria – Multiple Pharmacy Owner, New York

“BeamaLife has been a great advisor to us for many, many years. They not only helped us take higher income tax deductions but, also helped us organize our investment portfolio in an efficient manner. Through this relationship, we were able to create substantial wealth with the very low out-of-pocket expense.”

Mr. Bassanell – Multiple Pharmacy Owner, New York

“BeamaLife helped us immeasurably by focusing on the need to improve income tax deductions and educating us about estate planning.  They guided us through completing all the documentation in a way that was easy to understand. I was comforted in knowing that they were just a phone call away and always available. We have consistently recommended them to friends and colleagues.”

Mr. Merchant – Software Company Owner, New York

“BeamaLife has been very instrumental in implementing the advanced level of executive bonus plans for our highly paid executives. In so doing, we have been able to retain the talent that makes this company thrive. Furthermore, they have helped us put in the right qualified and non-qualified pension plans for our senior executives. I would highly recommend BeamaLife for the complex financial strategies that businesses should implement.”

Our Success speaks for itself!

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