Banking Institution

Banks have the ability to purchase investment grade life insurance portfolios under the current federal and state regulations to help offset the costs associated with employee benefits and key-person replacement. The favorable tax treatment of income generated from life insurance based asset provides banks an opportunity to earn a greater return than that offered by other permissible investments for banks’ Tier 1 capital. The additional earnings can ultimately be used to implement or enhance supplemental executive retirement benefits designed to attract, retain and reward key executives.

If your bank is financially strong and looking to enhance the earning of the tier 1 capital, Bank owned Life Insurance (BOLI) can be a very attractive proposition given the tax-efficient return. BeamaLife works with banking institutions to implement BOLI and executive benefit plan. We also offer community and smaller-to-mid-sized regional banks an unbiased analysis of their life insurance based holdings and is in a unique position to assist with the implementation and/or ongoing post-sale assessment of risk management programs.