Financial Planning Worksheet

financial planning worksheetPreparing a well-detailed financial planning worksheet is one of the most effective ways to go about financial planning. A financial planning worksheet is a detailed charting out of your income and expenditures, savings and investments to keep track of your assets and stay on top of them.

A good financial planning worksheet will take into account every aspect of your finances: your net income, expenditures, investments, insurance protection, and more.

First, you start with your assets: checking, savings, CDs, brokerage accounts, 401(k), profit-sharing, pension, SEP-IRA, annuities, cash value life insurance, stock options, precious metal – everything you own should go into the first column.

Then you’ll want to take a good look at your protection needs. Do you have the right amount of life insurance for your wealth creation and preservation needs? How about long-term disability and long-term health insurance?

Your debits are also taken into account. Do you still owe a mortgage? Have you taken out home equity, auto, or student loans that have not yet been paid off?

A statement of net worth may look something like this:


  • Checking/Savings accounts
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Cash value of current life insurance
  • Mutual funds/stocks/bonds
  • College funds invested in 529s
  • Equity in home
  • Equity in second home/time share
  • Vehicles/motorcycles/boats/planes
  • Jewelry
  • Other high-value collectibles


  • Signature loans
  • Auto loans/leases
  • Student loans
  • Outstanding credit card debt
  • Mortgage balance

Many successful individuals feel confident that they can fill out and track a financial worksheet by themselves. That may not always be the case. For example, you may calculate that you carry a $1,000,000 death benefit from a life insurance plan. In reality, the years that have elapsed and the steady drip of inflation may have reduced that amount to far less than you anticipated when you purchased your policy.

With a professional financial planner, you can avoid missing out on any fine detail that can alter all your plans. A financial can help you stay focused on your plan and be in a better position to enjoy your retirements with the right financial planning.

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