How we work?

At BeamaLife, we believe in unbiased advice and uncommon wisdom. We also believe there are not many financial planners like Neil Jesani, CFP in the USA today with the sophistication, transparency and financial strategies. The following is our process and what you can expect when working with us.

  • Initial Consultation at No Charge to you

Your initial consultation can last from 10 minutes to an hour and during this time prospective clients and Neil Jesani, CFP would be able to decide if there is mutual basis of working together. To accomplish this, Mr. Jesani needs to understand the prospective clients’ current personal finances and goals. We will not need all accurate information but when you speak with him, he will ask about; current income, investments, current savings, insurance/protection and your financial goals. Just as any brilliant doctor or attorney needs to know all the facts before diagnosing or recommending the solution.

  • Your Personalized Strategy and Financial Plan

If the prospective client and Mr. Jesani mutually decide to work together there will be a $1500 fee for the personalized Financial Plan or Strategy. Over and above some financial moves, you may also need alternative products and solutions to implement the Plan. We allow our clients to purchase those products/solutions from another firm if they choose to. We believe in comparative shopping and we compare Top 100 Financial and Insurance companies to find the best option for you. However, if you place those products/solutions with us than we will waive the initial $1500 fee since we capture a fee from the financial and/or insurance companies. For our clients’ convenience we do accept all major credit cards, check and ACH for our services.

  • Annual Review and Ongoing Consultation

Financial and investment plan are not “set it and forget it” and need to be reviewed often- adjustments may be needed based on unforeseen changes in your personal or professional life. At a minimum, Plans will be reviewed annually to be certain we are on the best possible path and getting the most of the Plan. Besides our unparallel expertise and two decades of experience, we also use multiple sophisticated software systems to monitor, prepare and find the best solution for you. If you have originally purchased the solutions/products from us then we will waive the $1,000 annual review fee.

  • We provide you WOW service to make you a raving fan

Our experienced Team possess a cumulative array of intelligence, knowledge and creativity as well as a tremendous work ethic. None of those qualities mean anything unless we make ourselves consistently available to our clients. Financial decisions can often carry with them varying degrees of stress and without the proper guidance and it is imperative that we respond quickly and effectively to a client’s concerns to help eliminate stress. With every meeting, with every call, with every e-mail, we intend to WOW you with our attentive service each and every time. Your referrals and introductions to your friends, colleagues and family is a compliment our reward and satisfaction. We’ll do everything possible to make you, our raving fan.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or suggestion. We always listen and welcome the feedback.