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Attention: High Income Earners

Including both Self-Employed and W-2 Employees

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In The Last 18 Years We Have Helped:

Independent Pharmacists
Business Owners

Compliments From Our Clients!

"I am very grateful to Neil Jesani for the sound advice he has provided over the years. Higher tax deductions as well as the right asset allocation for our investments were just two examples of how I have benefited from dealing with BeamaLife. They also put an effective estate planning strategy in place. Thank you for your help!"

Mr. Bakare
Multiple Pharmacy Owner
New York

"Neil Jesani has done a superb job in designing our asset allocation plan for defined benefit plan and personal investments portfolio. We were amazed to see the way BeamaLife worked with our CPA for an additional tax deduction even though we have one of the best tax accountant money can hire."

Dr. Sharma
New York

“Regardless of the topic or question, BeamaLife has unique individuals with the right background to address my concerns. As a result, I have a much clearer understanding of how certain wealth creation strategies were the right fit for my company. I also have been able to take much higher income tax deductions for the corporation by implementing a plan set forth by Neil Jesani.”

Mr. Paters
Software Company Owner

Your Problem

High income with limited available deductions.

There are certain tax deductions you're not able to benefit from.

For certain self-employed such as Dentists and Physician are small business owners but not all small business tax advantages are available.

Another disadvantage is the maximum retirement savings that you're able to set aside tax exempt is a much smaller percentage of your income than most other individuals.

Plus, you're under a higher degree of IRS scrutiny when it comes to income reporting and tax deductions.

Our Solution

Advanced tax-reduction using these 3 strategies:


High income tax deduction to this new retirement vehicle.


Wealth building & no annual 1099 with tax-deferred growth.


High level of retirement income with taxable or tax-free withdrawal.