Higher Income Tax Deduction Guide

Attention: High Income-Earners

Including both Self-Employed and W-2 Employees

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Compliments From Our Clients Are Our Biggest Accomplishment

“My CPA referred me to BeamaLife for additional tax deduction strategy. They not only helped me reduce my income tax substantially but also helped me to secure my retirement income. They are very innovative and creative. Smart folks.”

Dr. Chen, Dentist, New Jersey

“When my friend first referred BeamaLife, I was not very sure that you will be able to help but I must say that you have done superb job of almost doubling my life insurance amount without any additional premium and help me take much higher income tax deduction. I admire your expertise in wealth creation and tax planning areas.”

Dr. Ames, Physician, Washington

“I want to say thank you for your help in setting up pension plan and help us take substantial more income tax deduction. We appreciate your pension plan funding ideas as well – thanks again.”

Dr. Wasserman, Physician, New York

Your Problem

As a high income-earner professionals or successful business owners you’re at a disadvantage compared to other small business owners.

There are certain tax deductions you’re not able to benefit from.

Another disadvantage is the maximum retirement savings that you’re able to set aside tax exempt is a much smaller percentage of your income than most other individuals.

Plus, you’re under a higher degree of IRS scrutiny when it comes to income reporting and tax deductions.

Our Solution

Advanced tax-reduction using these 3 strategies:


High income tax deduction to this new retirement vehicle.


Wealth building & tax reduction through tax-deferred growth.


High level of retirement income with taxable or tax-free withdrawal.