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Discover Why CPA”s & Accountants refer their High Income Physicians and Dentists to me for Advanced Tax-Reduction Strategies...

Tax professionals, accountants, and CPA's are a valuable asset for tax purposes but they rarely utilize these uncommon strategies.

"…We were amazed to see the way BeamaLife worked with our CPA for an additional tax deduction even though we have one of the best tax accountants money can hire." Dr. Sharma, New Jersey.


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Advanced Tax-Reduction Strategy Guide for Physicians and Dentists


For over 18 years I have worked exclusively with high-income ($500,000 per year and up) physicians and dentist to help them reduce their taxes, build a high retirement income, and create substantial personal wealth by reallocating money they were giving to the IRS. Get my free guide to learn how. Neil Jesani, CFP


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Self-Employed or Salaried Physicians and Dentist Face Unique Tax Disadvantages:

  • Limited available deductions for high-income earners.

  • Maximum retirement savings that you're able to set aside tax exempt is a much smaller percentage of your income than most other individuals.

  • A higher degree of IRS scrutiny when it comes to income reporting and tax deductions.

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Advanced Tax-Reduction Using These 3 Strategies:

  1. High income tax deduction to this new retirement vehicle.
  2. Wealth building & no annual 1099 with tax-deferred growth.
  3. High level of retirement income with taxable or tax-free withdrawal.

Discover these three strategies and more in the Advanced Tax-Reduction Strategies for physicians and dentist

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