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Attention: For Those That Want to Pay the Least Amount of Taxes Now AND Enjoy a Tax Free Retirement....

Legal tax avoidance is a shrewd business strategy for self-employed and W-2 employees. It could potentially double your retirement wealth using only your current income. Read on to learn how…

"…We were amazed to see the way BeamaLife worked with our CPA for an additional tax deduction even though we have one of the best tax accountants money can hire." Dr. Sharma, New Jersey.

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An Untapped Resource - How IRS Sec.7702 Can Give You a Tax-Free Retirement Income & Inheritance

For over 18 years I have worked exclusively with high-income earners ($500,000 per year and up) to help them reduce their taxes, build a high retirement income, and create substantial personal wealth by reallocating money they were giving to the IRS. Get my detailed white paper to learn how." Neil Jesani, CFP


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The average Top Marginal Tax-Rate since 1913
Historically taxes on the high-income earners are much higher
There are two ways to solve the problem
Stop Spending – or – Raise Taxes!
Current US National Debt of $20 trillion is much worse than it seems…
When you factor in unfunded liabilities (as public companies are required to do) then it is $100+ Trillion!
IRA, 401K, SEP, DC & DB Plans will be taxed in the future
On 100% of their value upon withdrawal

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An Untapped Resource - How IRS Sec.7702 Can Give You a Tax-Free Retirement Income & Inheritance.


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What Will Your Tax Rate Be When You Retire?