Privacy Policy

BeamaLife Corporation is committed to ensuring your privacy and ensuring the confidentiality of any information that you disclose to us. The below privacy statement details how we protect and use the information that we obtain as well as why it is necessary for us to gather it.

Based on the nature of the financial services industry, it will be necessary for a licensed professionals at BeamaLife Corporation to obtain some personal information from you for the purposes of submitting a various applications to a life insurance company or other product providers. We would like to note that it is our corporate policy never to sell this information. This information is only used for underwriting the application in accordance with the disclosures and releases that you must review and sign. These authorizations are included with your application.

The information that we typically need to attain in order to determine which companies and what products best match your needs are general health, lifestyle, family history and contact information. A licensed associate with BeamaLife Corporation will review the information gathered and provide you with several illustrations or proposals on the most appropriate product(s) from the most appropriate carrier(s). The information that we obtain from you allows us to try to accurately determine which company and product is best.

All information submitted through is encrypted using SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) protocol. This encodes and protects your information as it travels across the Internet. All personal information you supply is encrypted using a digital certificate supplied by VeriSign or similar vendors, which is a leading provider of internet security technology. While we use SSL encryption to protect sensitive information online, we also do everything in our power to protect user-information off-line. All of our users’ information, not just the sensitive information mentioned above, is restricted in our offices. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job for example, a specialist or customer service persons are granted access to personally identifiable information. Furthermore, all employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices. Every time new policies are added, our employees are notified and/or reminded about the importance we place on privacy, and what they can do to ensure our users’ information is protected. All our computers are password protected and physical files and the servers that store personally identifiable information are in a secure environment in a locked facility.

BeamaLife Corporation will not send you spam or junk mail. If you receive a mailing from us, your email and/or mailing address was supplied to us and you have the option of choosing not to receive any materials from us. If users have any questions about the security at our Web site, users can send an email to