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Use Your Taxes To Help Fund Your Retirement, Not The Government.

 Different strategies for both Self-employed and W-2 employee high income earners.

Expert actuaries will calculate contributions based on your specific circumstances.

Get the IRS to contribute up to 45% of your investment (by letting you keep your money).

Sleep better at night knowing your returns are safer.

“We have been dealing with BeamaLife for more than ten years now. They have been great advisors to us in terms of advanced risk management. They also helped to put in place pension plan strategies for our partners. BeamaLife has always been extremely professional and very attentive to our needs. Our sincere thanks!” - Mr. Goldberg – Noteworthy Business Owner, New Jersey
“Thank you for your help in reducing our defined benefit plan administration costs and increasing our funding level. We’ll be glad to introduce your firm to fellow physicians.” - Dr. Fisher, Tennessee

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  •      Defined Benefit Pension plans are a great income tax and retirement planning tool, but they require special expertise to get the maximum benefits possible, as there are many IRS rules to be followed in regards setting up the proper plan documents.
  •      To get the largest deduction possible and ensure you have the best plan for your needs, schedule a call with me. I can determine if this is something that will benefit you in 15 minutes. The call could take up to 30 minutes depending on how many questions you have. You are under no obligation and the call is free.
  •      We have over 18 years of experience in helping high income earners setup and execute the right plan for their specific circumstances. As a result, we manage thousands of plans and have the best plan designs in the country.
  •      To schedule a 30 minute call with me simply click on your preference, then select a day, and time that works best for you. Remember, this Introductory consultation is at no-charge or obligation to you. This is how we work.
I have tax reduction solutions for both self-employed and W2 salaried employees.
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