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Use your taxes to help fund your retirement, not the government.


Different strategies for both Self-employed and W-2 employee physicians and dentists.


Expert actuaries will calculate contributions based on your specific circumstances.


Get the IRS to contribute up to 45% of your investment (by letting you keep your money).


Sleep better at night knowing your returns are guaranteed.

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Defined Benefit Pension plans are a great income tax and retirement planning tool, but they require special expertise to get the maximum benefits possible, as there are many IRS rules to be followed in regards setting up the proper plan documents.

We manage thousands of plans and have the best plan designs in the country.

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“Neil has been an extremely professional who has been an outstanding financial advisor. He has looked to serve my needs to the best of his abilities; he is sincere to his words and has been a creative force in providing an amazing service. His greatest qualities that set him apart, is that he comes with the highest of integrity, extremely sincere and honest. I would recommend him with absolutely no reservation to my family and friends.”

Dr. Shamji, Physician, California

“BeamaLife was referred to me by my CPA for my pension plan funding. I was also wanted to take care of my estate tax need. Neil and his team have done a superb job of creatively funding my pension plan, acquiring most cost-effective life insurance for our estate planning need at per-tax dollar and helping us to get all our estate planning documents prepared.”

Dr. Martin, Dentist, New Jersey

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I have tax reduction solutions for both self-employed and W2 salaried employees.