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My name is Neil Jesani and I’m a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Before moving to the United States to pursue my passion, I lived in Dubai, where I was a commodities trader for a large financial institution.

I had been working grueling hours for years trading gold, silver, oil and other commodities for a large financial institution.

I’ve always enjoyed working with individuals one-on-one, and what I really wanted to be doing was helping people build wealth and preserve it for retirement; not sitting in front of a computer executing trades. I wanted to be a financial planner. I wanted to put my MBA in Finance to better use.

And so, over the last 20 years I have personally helped more than 3000 Physicians, 1000 Dentists, 600 Independent Pharmacist and other 3000 successful business owners over and above many other successful professionals and senior corporate executives to reduce substantial taxes, increase retirement income and create an additional legacy.

Because of my expertise in this area, I’ve been featured on main-stream media outlets, like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Treasury & Risk and Fox business.


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Your Retirement is Under Attack and Cheap Money is Enemy #1
Building wealth is not easy. 
Once you’ve finally started earning a substantial income, all sorts of enemies start attacking you.
One those happens to be an unlikely character… cheap money.
Cheap money distorts asset values and makes bad deals look like good deals.
When interest rates are too low, public companies make poor purchasing and investment decisions.
After 8 years of record setting rates, public companies have grown accustom to paying near zero rates on the money they borrow… however, that’s changing. 
Interest rates are still historically low, but they are starting to move up.
In fact, September 26, 2018 was the third rate hike this year.
The new rate is 2.25%.
What’s crazy is that’s the highest it’s been in the last 8 years, and it’s a big reason why America’s corporations have performed so well on the stock market.
Just take a look at this crazy chart that shows you the interest rates since the 1970’s.
US Fed Funds Rate – Source:
When stock prices just keep going up – year after year – it starts to seem normal.
You start thinking it will go on forever and you forget about the risk.
Then you start using the stock market as your retirement savings plan because you’re afraid of missing out on the great returns, and if you’ve maxed out your 401(k) and SEP deductions… why not buy stocks with your retirement funds?
Please be careful! We are now in the longest bull market run in history, but it won’t last much longer.
Here are some signs that things are about to change.
  • Corporations are drunk with expensive debt-funded acquisitions that don’t make sense.
  •  Near record-setting number of initial public offerings that generate negative returns.
  •  Record number of corporations buying back their stock.
  •   Junk bond issuance setting new records.
So, what happens now – as interest rates continue rising and the cheap money train comes to a stop?
Do you remember September 2008? You could lose half your money virtually overnight!
Don’t risk your retirement on the stock market, especially in these crazy “cheap money” times.
Enemy #2 – Government Spending

Enemy #2 is government spending… which has been totally out of control for over a decade now, creating over $21 trillion in national debt!

The annual interest payment on that debt will double by 2028 to $761 billion, and that’s if rates don’t rise… which they will.
You already pay between 35% and 37% of your taxable income to the government.
Imagine If you could keep some of that money for your retirement, instead of giving it to them to squander.
Just think about how much better off you’d be.
Even if you already have a 401(k), SEP, HRA or one of the many other retirement saving plans, they aren’t going to get you where you want to be come retirement.
Those are great things to have, but your income is too high for these run-of-the-mill accounts.
You need a vehicle that has the muscle (i.e. a high limit tax deduction) that will allow you to save more without spending more and generate a guaranteed return.
Enemy #3 – Taxes
Enemy #3 is all too familiar – Taxes.

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