Why Us?

1. Unbiased Advice

We pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients first and looking out for their best interests at all times. The advice we offer is based upon careful evaluation of the information that the client provides and then selecting a strategy that fits the client’s specific circumstance. Our advice is not simply that of mere opinion but, rather, based on empirical evidence. We have zero tolerance for unethical behavior. There is nothing more important to us than our fiduciary responsibility to our clients. When we map out a strategic course for our clients, we are looking ahead not in terms of just years but in terms of decades. By looking ahead at how to best secure your financial well-being, we view your children and grandchildren as our clients too.

2. Uncommon Wisdom

We have not reached great levels of success for over 20 years by simply relying on the experiences and skills of a few. We prides itself on enlisting the services of established leaders in all areas of tax, investment and finance. Many years ago, BeamaLife’s core decision makers recognized that their high-net-worth and high-income earner clients may have needs that go above and beyond their direct expertise. Therefore, we assembled CPA’s, CFP’s, actuaries, attorneys and other financial experts to come on board to ensure that any and all possible financial planning strategies/investment options were exhausted before coming to a conclusion about the most suitable direction for our clients. This diverse mix of professionals strengthens our knowledge and expand the scope of possibilities that we can share with our clients.

3. Mutual Learning

While brainstorming with bright minds from different areas of finance definitely adds to our credibility, we also must rely on another key component…YOU, the client. Clients have built tremendous wealth by adhering to our advice but we sincerely view our client relationships as reciprocal. Our newer clients no doubt benefit from the years of unique scenarios that our long-time existing clients have presented to us over the years. In much the same way, what we learn from you today will help us with future clients’ needs. Listening carefully to individuals and companies over the years has proven to be vital in shaping our ability to meet the expectations and goals of each new client we advise. We have every confidence that utilizing all of our clients’ experiences as a foundation of knowledge will bear great fruit for our incoming clients.

4. Superior Service

BeamaLife’s staff of experts possesses a cumulative array of intelligence, knowledge and creativity as well as a tremendous work ethic. None of those qualities mean anything unless we make ourselves consistently available to our clients. Financial decisions can often carry with them varying degrees of stress without the proper guidance and it is imperative that we respond quickly and effectively to a client’s concerns to help eliminate those stressful moments. With every meeting, with every call, with every e-mail, we intend to WOW you with our attentive service every single time.

5. Latest Technology

Consistent with the attention and respect we show in all facets of our relationships, BeamaLife is committed to protecting any and all client information provided to us. Any personal or financial details that our clients share are treated with the utmost confidentiality. To ensure that your privacy is protected, all information submitted to BeamaLife is encrypted using SSL(Secured Sockets Layer) protocol. Personal documents are encrypted using a digital certificates. Neil Jesani is also cybersecurity enthusiast and understands the HIPAA & importance of clients privacy very well.  Our emphasis on technology not only focuses on the security side but, also is mindful of making the client experience a pleasant one.

6. Verifiable Track Record

We have been helping successful high net-worth and high-income earners from numerous occupations achieve their long-term financial goals for over two decades. We have helped more than 3000 Physicians, 1000 Dentists, 600 Independent Pharmacists and other 3000 successful business owners over and above many other successful professionals and senior corporate executives. We take great pride in the fact that our clients continue to return to us and rely on our advice and expertise before taking a new path related to their finances, taxes, investments, retirement, etc. This, of course, is indicative of the results that our clients have experienced in watching their wealth grow within the plans and strategies we have set forth for them. We know that the careful consideration and extensive research that goes into each suggestion and every recommendation we provide will only strengthen and build a lasting relationship with our clients. In so doing, we confidently look forward to forging new bonds with future generations of our clients’ families.